Hugov Comod Shoes
Hugov Comod Shoes
Hugov Comod Shoes
Hugov Comod Shoes

Hugov Comod Shoes

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Hugov Comod Shoes 

With a modern and very comfortable design, the Hugov Comod shoes is a great option to shine on the courts, with high performance and impact absorption.


the foam insert provides softness and smoothness with a rubberized sole specially designed by pivoting points that facilitate mobility on all screens with excellent displays.

The medium model of the medium barrel offers comfort, protection and stability in the ankle area during fast movements in training.


When it comes time to wash your sneakers, remember these tips.

  1. Clean excess dirt – Use an old toothbrush to remove dust from the surface, taking care not to scratch the material.
  2. Water and soap –Use a background cloth with a little eco-friendly detergent and hot water to gently wipe surface stains off the fabric.
  3. Remove the soap –Rinse or clean with hot water and rinse in the same areas to remove the detergent.
  4. Dry the sneakers – To dry, leave it at room temperature, with paper towels or newspaper inside to absorb moisture.
  5. Insoles – remove the insoles during cleaning to get rid of the bad smell. If the smell is too strong, add a small amount of baking soda.


  • Put your sneakers in the washing machine. This can discolor and damage the fabric.
  • Place it behind the refrigerator or next heater. To ensure that there will be no changes in the shape of the shoe, the ideal is to maintain the room temperature.
  • Use alternative cleaning products, including chemicals and bleach.
these were some tips to keep your sneakers always new.

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